Big lots of yarns!!  Honkin' Hanks, Tenners!!
We occasionally acquire yarns in big hanks of yarns, some weighing 4 or MORE pounds.
These yarns will mean you have work to do getting them into useable skeins or balls.  
These are seconds for whatever reason, strong steam, slightly felted on the first layers,
some pieces due to separating the first layers of the hanks.   
They are still good usable yarns for assorted projects.
Most are Lambs Pride, Waverly, some Lana Loft.  Some Nature Spun..
HONKIN' HANKS......Approx. 4 LB PER HANK for $40.00 per hank...less, depending
on the weight of the hanks, approx. $10.00 per pound of yarn give or take some ounces.
If your skeiner is not large enough to handle a hank of this size, a round laundry basket upside down works well.  
Two chairs back to back also work well, slipping the hank over both chair backs.  Lots of yarn to over dye, use
as is, etc. for a great price.  Some oversteaming occurred, just tug it loose and knit
More Brown Sheep Yarns
And More Brown Sheep Yarns
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Special Dyed Honkin' Hanks
Just for fun, I dropped a 4 lb. Hank of the Rosy Velvet Worsted
into one of my big dyepots
We will overdye a hank for you for a $15.00 fee with the color
of your guarantees as to just what the color
comes out when overdyeing.  The the whole hank in, or just
dye the ends...
give me your color choices for overdyeing
Honkin' Hanks
Great for overdyeing.
Lots of these on hand.
Lots of Red
approx. 4 + lb.
email me your color
choice for overdyeing
Wildfoote Sock Yarns
I have found TENNER'S in the boxes.....
Know that colors may be variegated..
Assorted grays, some whites, few colors, etc.  
.......Two new (WORSTED) Lamb's Pride
Tenners,  and Lana Loft, More Waverly yarns,
and some finer skeins as well.....For as long
as they last...
New Tenner's and lots of them. #1 Brown
Sheep Yarn.....but the dye job scattered.  Two
colors for you to design with...
Winter Sky  and Evening Snow... 6 cases of
these WORSTED colors....color splashes
$28.50 for the wool yarn
Sold in bundles of 10 skeins
Approx. wt.  2.5 lb
Winter Sky...a beautiful blue
shading from a very pale blue
white, into a very rich blue sky
tone..more blue tones some
nearly solid blue
Evening Snow....The lighter
shades as shown above... are
 There is less white and
more dark blue in the tones
New! Tenner's!
I am presently winding up a set of the Evening Snow Tenner's and am delighted
with the colors in the ball.  When I get it all wound, it will go back and I will weave
a shawl on the 4' Triangle Loom, and post the photo so you can see how the
variation will space out.  I am expecting it to be very beautiful.  The Winter Sky
yarn is a deeper blue tone, with much less variation in the yarn.  This was a
glorious mistake in the dyeing process at the mill and I bought up 6
there is a lot of the yarn available.  It is Brown Sheep Co. #1 Yarn, and so far I have
yet to find a knot or a slub in any of the skeins I have wound....have 7 done.  I love  
a bargain, and being able to pass it on to you....
Have just added some Tenners in mixed bundles of Asst. colors,  med. and light
tones.....most are in short supply, but those we have need to go to make room for new yarns
coming in.  It is great yarn, wonderful for knitting, or felting.  Same yarn as the skeins but
often end runs, etc. and in the hanks instead of skeins.  Whatever is left....
5  Celery/Lt. Avocado Green
1 Gold
Blue..varigated shades.
Nat'l  med. gray..wst.
Mill sold out of these
for now...