Big lots of yarns!!  Honkin' Hanks, Tenner's!
We occasionally acquire yarns in big hanks of yarns, some weighing 4 or MORE
pounds.  These yarns will mean you have work to do getting them into useable
skeins or balls.  These are seconds for whatever reason, strong steam, slightly
felted on the first layers, some pieces due to separating the first layers of the
hanks.   They are still good usable yarns for assorted projects.
Most are Lambs Pride, some Lana Loft.  Some Nature Spun..
HONKIN' HANKS......Approx. 4 LB PER HANK for $40.00 per hank...less, depending
on the weight of the hanks, approx. $10.00 per pound of yarn give or take some ounces.
If your skeiner is not large enough to handle a hank of this size, a round laundry basket upside down works
well.  Two chairs back to back also work well, slipping the hank over both chair backs.  Lots of yarn to over
dye, use as is, etc. for a great price.  Some oversteaming occurred, just tug it loose and knit
More Brown Sheep Yarns
And More Brown Sheep Yarns
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Special Dyed Honkin' Hanks
Just for fun, I dropped a 4 lb. Hank of the Rosy Velvet Worsted
into one of my big dyepots
We will overdye a hank for you for a $15.00 fee with the color of
your guarantees as to just what the color comes out
when overdyeing.  The the whole hank in, or just dye the ends...
give me your color choices for overdyeing
Honkin' Hank
Great for overdyeing.
Lots of these on hand.
Lots of Red
approx. 4 + lb.
email me your color choice for overdyeing
Wildfoote Sock Yarns
I have found TENNER'S in the boxes.....
Know that colors may be variegated..
Assorted grays, some whites, some
colors, etc.  .......Two new (WORSTED)
Lamb's Pride Tenners,  Pine Shadows
and Golden Mushroom and Lana Loft,
some Waverly yarns, and some finer
skeins as well.....For as long as they
$28.50 for the wool
$38.50 for the cotton
Sold in bundles of 10 skeins
Approx. wt.  2.5 lb
Golden Mushroom