The wonderful Cotswold Breed produces wonderfully curly fleeces.
Often called the "poor man's Mohair", this fleece need not take a back seat to any mohair.  The lamb curls are soft and
comparable to the kid mohair and the long curly locks compare to the locks from the larger breeds of Angora Goats.   Some
will be from Longwool Crossbred Sheep
and will be long and wavy rather than tighter curls.  
The Longwool breeds might be Lincoln, Karakul, Border Leicester, or Merino.

Major Disclaimer!!!    Please Read before purchasing!!
I buy farm run Cotswold and other long wool Fleeces, including Mohair.  These come from small farm flocks,
often from people who say "What do you do with that stuff??"  This fiber sometimes has hay, grasses, feed or
pasture items in the fleece.  We get out as much as we can but if it offends you to find Vegetable Matter in
the wool, don't order this.  We wash this fleece, often 2 or 3 times, and in spite of all the cleaning we do
there will probably be some trash in the tight curls so.......if teasing out the tight spots, or finding some
loose natural material in the fiber  is going to be a problem with you during the fiber preparation......
We don't want you disappointed, and don't want to you to pay more postage to return or exchange it.

I mostly have the longer curly locks .  These will make a strong silky yarn, and we use a lot of this roving for our Fleecewoven
Rugs.   These long shiny curls are excellent for needlefelting.  Some of the fleece is from Cotswold crossbreeds.  
I dye my fleeces generally using Jacquard Acid Dyes.  This produces a long lasting brilliant color in the fiber.  Bear in mind
that I am a free handed dyer.
I like variegated color and
do not try for an even dye job.
Pricing for the Cotswold  Curls..            
$14.50 lb. for the Dyed Fleece, $12.50 lb.for washed,
$8.00 lb. for the white raw fleeces, $8.00 for the dark raw fleeces.......

Your dyed pound will a mixture of many colors   The photos are of some of the colors I have obtained.  
There may be something like this in the pile, but more likely it will  just be colors nearby.  
I dye a lot of curls with several colors in the locks.

We use vast amounts of this fiber in the needlefelted additions to our Fleecewoven
Rugs.  It is painting with fiber.  We also use the fleece in needlefelting hats, shawls,
clogs, and anything else we see that might need some decoration with fiber.  We also
use whatever is left over or is matted too much to pull apart in our fleecewoven rugs.  
And this fleece is a long wool and often gets handled roughly when washing.  If you pull
on the lock at the cut end, the matted areas pull apart very well.
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We will pick out a bag of assorted colors.
Locks of as many colors as I can put in
your pound....
In the photo
to the left,
we show a three pound bag of assorted color
Cotswold Curls on the left and on the right is a
one pound bag.  My Ashford Country Spinner
will give you a comparison sizing idea
of how much fiber comprises a pound
A floor full of curls in my weaving
Raw Fleece.....$8.00 lb.
Washed Fleece....$12.50. lb
Dyed Fleece.......$14.50 lb.
Dyed Curls......$14.50 lb
Very nice fiber and easily
spun Roving from The Brown
Sheep Mill

White Only
Big price increase!
Mill Processed
per pound
This Mohair is a delight to
spin or blend with the wool

The White Mohair dyes like a
dream and handles easily in
the dyepots.
as we haul it in from
the farms...
Darker Grays and Browns
Grays, Tans and Browns
The truck loaded with fiber.
Colored fleeces and Whites
This fleece came in from Wisconsin.  We also buy from
Have had 20 surgical procedures done in the past 7 1/2 years.  I am moving slower, but still
moving,  so dyeing may take some time to get done, expect some delays,
but I try very hard to keep ahead of the demand.
We do have plenty of R
aw Cotswold Curls if you wish to wash and dye them yourselves.
We have just located a source for Farm Raised Mohair
located in Utah.  She has Mill Carded Roving in White,
Very Limited Darker Gray.
There will also be Naturally Colored Curls, and possibly dyed curls as well.
Scroll down
to find
Mohair Curls
and Roving
Lovely washed silver gray mohair curls
Lengths from the 4-9 inch range, possibly
some a little longer.
Mill Processed and Farm Fresh Mohair for sale
Scroll down for more information.  As of Dec. 15th, 2014 we should have the Farm Fresh mohair available for
you.  Mill Processed Roving and the Farm Fresh fleece Available.......... Whites, Browns, Grays in both Washed
and Raw, as well as Mohair Curls in both the Washed and Raw.  The Roving is available in the above colors,
washed and carded nicely.  Some VM is inevitable in the Farm Fresh Mohair.  The Mill Processed has been
washed and any vm has been removed as much as possible before the carding process.
Lovely washed
White Mohair...4-9 inch range
the locks are long
Unwashed clip Mohair,
ready to wash and dye,
with long locks
The Dark Roving is in shades of Dk.
Brown to Dark Gray to an almost Black.  
All colors may be present in one fleece.
Very limited amount of this darker
Unwashed curls............$9.00 lb
Washed Curls............13.50 lb.
Dyed Curls.........15.00 lb.
White Carded Roving.....21.50 lb
Dark Carded Roving....21.50 lb
Yearling Washed Mohair Curls....$14.00 lb
The Angora Goats
Summer Pasture in Utah
The locks are long and
silky and take the
dyes beautifully.
When I get some dyed
up I will post them on
this page and get the
link to order added.
Sceoll all
the way to
the bottom
of the page
to see both
Breeds of
Curly Locks
The White Roving is in shades of white
to cream.  The variations in color will
be found throughout the roving.  The
fiber is very soft and easily spun.
We also have two very large bags of Washed Yearling Mohair Fleece.  This is a shorter, curlier Mohair.  It is
wonderfully soft and silky, beautiful to dye up in sparkling colors.  Fun to add these to your spinning, allowing the
curling ends to pop out of your yarns...
This lovely
has totally
sold out.