This page is being added to put all the white fiber in one spot for those of you who are
dyers, spinners and felters.
We  have White Roving, and White yarns in skeins, hanks and cones.
Most of the yarn we sell is seconds, discontinued #1 and some will be #1 .


This fiber is soft and
very easily spun or dyed
#1 Top Quality
White only!

$35.00 per pound
per pound
#1 White Wool Top Roving
$16.50 per pound

The #1 wool is a blend of Natural White
Wool tones
mostly from the local areas of
North Western Colorado, and
South Western Wyoming.
It normally is very white,  but due to
blended breeds can have some creamy
tones. It is very soft for next to the skin
wearing and easy to spin .  

$16.50 per pound
on this lovely easy to spin fiber

It is a nice easily spun, easy to felt
fiber, and good for dyeing.

Yardages are approx. as cones are
bought and sold by the pound
$14.50 per pound on the very large cones
that must be weighed and invoiced

These are SECONDS OR CLOSEOUTS on the cones
Colors can be found on the website elsewhere.  
Here we offer the
White wool Cones for knitting, dyeing,
and for the straight wools they will felt as well.

Sport Weight, some worsted or bulky, hard to tell.
May be Lana Loft, Nature Spun, Lambs Pride, Waverly or
Shep.Shades Cones..whatever is on hand.  These are assorted
whites, as in whites not dyed.  White shades might not match.
We do occasionally have asst. large cones......
Will felt....$14.50 per pound
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More Brown Sheep Cone Yarns...assorted...
These yarns are good for dyeing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, some are good for felting, others are
not.  Check each yarn information below...
#1 yarns......

The Wildfoote sock yarns will not felt
They are a 75% wool and 25% nylon blend

#1 White Superwash

It is often a glistening bright whiteroving, but also can
be a cream whte fiber ready to spin or to
dye into glorious glowing
Know however that it is a blend of wools
and as such sometimes may appear a cream color.
Very easy to handle, no
felting in the dyepots.
..or wash.

This is a off white, very strong tightly twisted #1 warp.
Each spooled ball contains approx. 560 yards of strong
single ply warp
13.50 per 8 ounce ball

We  have added a 2 lb. cone of #1 wool carpet warp
2240 + yards per 2 lb cone
We can sell you a bump of the White Roving, but it now has to be at the
price per pound above.  No longer can we provide free shipping without
raising the cost of the bump considerably.
#1 Wildfoote Sock yarn ....1 lb cones
Approx. 1936 yds....

#1 Wildfoote Sock Yarn...1 lb Hanks
Approx.1936 yards..
The white wool could have a slightly creamy tone to
it.  It is a blend of breeds and many things can add a
creamy shade to the white fleece However, the #1 Top
is usually very white, while the SW has the more
cream tone to it........
Fall....2017....We have made the decision to stop helping with the
shearing of the Cotswold Sheep in Colorado.  We have purchased the
fleece for the past 25+ years or so, used much and sold the rest, some in
white, some gray/brown tones, and much dyed.  This year I will be 77..
(2019)... years old, and Carl is 80.  I have had most major joints in my
body replaced due to West Nile.  Both of us need to slow up some...and
this is one area that requires the most work, dealing with massive
amounts of water to clean, and dye these fleeces, plus the weight of the
wet wool.  Yes, The Sheep Shed Studio will remain open and in business
as long as we can both stay healthy and keep moving.  but some things
will have to stop, and dealing with the raw wool is one of them.
The folks we have bought the wool from in colorado...Doris was 86 this
year, and her Son Gary and his Wife hope to continue on with the sheep.  
They will attempt to set up a website to sell grease wool direct to the
customers. I will post his phone number as soon as possible....he will be
having his sheep shorn, starting with lambs in the next couple of
weeks...and shearing the adult sheep on or around the 1st of May.  His
fleece is beautiful, locks long and curly.  I do not know for sure now if
his Mother will continue with her flock or not....will post that
information when I get it.