Carl and Carol Lee decided to take on this
business in January of 2006.  Our goal was to
get a spinning and felting fiber out to the fiber
folk as reasonably as possible.  We are buying
the fiber from  The Brown Sheep Company of
Mitchell, Nebraska,

You can order via Paypal or credit card via
Paypal from the Order form Page.  It is set up
for click and order.  With this method, your
order will be sent out the day it is received if
we get it before 10 AM, Mountain time....if at all
possible.  If it comes in later, it goes out the
following day.
Sometimes life gets in the way and it might
take a day or two to get it out.  We do try to
post when we have to travel away from home
for any length of time.
You can order via personal check or money
order directly from us. Just use the "add to
cart" buttons and fill out the order page with
amounts and zipcode and click on update.  
Print the page and mail to us.  Be sure we have
your address, telehone number and email
address.   When we receive the check or
money order we will ship your order to you.
Checks or money orders can be mailed to:
The Sheep Shed Studio
421 Lomax, Box 731
Encampment, Wyoming
Shipping costs start with a one pound charge,
so a small item weighing 1.75 oz will show a
cost the same as if it were one pound.  If the
charges are more than $2.00 over what we
actually use, we will refund.

Our small town post office is only open for 1/2
hour on Saturday, and is not a good time to try
to mail a package.
We ship Mon-Fri. if your order is in by 10 AM,
mountain standard time we will try to ship it
out that day.

We will refund the cost of your fiber if it has to
be returned.  We do not pay the postage to
return it, nor to send you a new item.
 We do
not add the cost of the above to our
 Please read all information so you

Please email us if you have any additional
Or you can call with your questions.
Some new friends have started a group on the
Ravelry Website called
Sheep Shed Fiber Lovers
You can find many answers on this page and
see more of what folks do with all this fiber.
Check back often, we will add new pictures
and new questions and answers.
Carol Lee is the major box packer.  She puts
everything she has into getting as much fiber
into the boxes as she can.  Do keep this in
mind when you cut the tape on the box.  It is
going to expand.
To learn the process, I have written a book that can
be found on the website.  It can be ordered via
paypal, check or money order.
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The amount of fiber you buy is not
what the cost of shipping is charged
The weight of the box when it crosses
the post office scale, plus the price of
the box, the bags, and the tape for
packaging is also included in the
shipping price.
After losing over $75.00 in shipping
costs the first two weeks in business, I
hired a company to figure the shipping
costs.  Sometimes they are a bit high,
and sometimes they are a bit
low....then I pay some of the costs.
If there is enough money to ship
priority, we try to ship priority.  We add
insurance on larger orders, and we add
Delivery Confirmation on all orders to
be able to track and find order that
might go astray.
Shipping charges are figured on
weight, number of boxes needed for
that weight, supplies needed to ship
and the zone you live in.    The side of
the zone you live in can make a
difference in the price of the shipping
for you.  
We do not charge you for our time,
either in packing or delivering mega
boxes to the post office five days a
No matter how hard we try we cannot
make everyone happy with the
shipping charges.  Shipping is
expensive.  We hope that the lower
fiber prices can help make you happier
with the total costs of your order.
We are happy to take back
any of the fibers and yarns
that you may not like or
You are responsible for
the shipping costs to return
the item.  If you are wanting to
exchange the item for
something else, you are also
responsible for the shipping
costs on the replacement item.

Shipping out of the USA
We do ship worldwide.
We cannot call this fiber anything
else but what it is.  We cannot cut
any corners with Customs or we
would lose our shipping rights.  
Please do not ask us to do so.
Priority International or
First Class on pkg. weighing under
4 pounds and this has to include
packing materials, box and tape.
We live in a high mountain valley
at the base of the mountains.
ship any way other than via the
United State Post Office Dept.
will add extra surcharges to
your package, plus a $10.00
daily pickup fee.
 This would
greatly increase the cost of the
package coming to you.  To haul
the boxes to the nearest shipping
point for USPS and Fed Ex
involves hours of driving
time.....and added expense which
we are not going to do.
Shipping is expensive when you
live in a remote area.  We try our
best to give you the very best deal
we can on the fibers and yarns so
that maybe the shipping costs
don't hurt quite as much, and
often we pay the extra cost to get
a package to you if there is not
enough money  allowed.  if we
need an extra box it can make
many more dollars in the
shipping cost
and that sometimes comes out of
our pocket, occasionally eating
the profit we should make.
Please be sure your address is
correct.  Yahoo often reverts to a
previous address and that creates
hard feelings and confusion!
We no longer get the masses of mill
end rovings anymore.  Would love to
have them to sell if we could.
We get a few and post them as soon
as we haul them in, but they don't
last long.  Most comes in as Grab Bag
Materials.  We still get the #1 Wool
and Superwash Roving.