No Longer Available
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A person might just think a bit before deciding to
purchase a 600 lb. bale of fiber, but a person just
might be wrong too.  These same persons are
crazy enough to buy more big bales!

Harlan Brown of Brown Sheep met me at the door
awhile back asking if I would like a bale of some
really beautiful natural gray blend wool.
Silly question.......of course I would, but I need to
make room for it..........somewhere.  
The storage building is nearly full to bursting, the
garage is doubling as a shipping and storage area
until the new shipping area gets closed in.  But
one can always make more room for fiber can't
But we had made room for two more big
bales.........White Roving and fibers
this time!!
And now they are gone!!!
I'm not sure who is the most dangerous in the
Brown Sheep Mill.........the enabler's who show us
the fibers, or Carl and Carol who love them all.  
All I know for sure is that we end up with truck or
van or trailer full of fibers every time we head for
the mill.  
And we go back for more Frequently!!!  And we
love every minute of it.

When someone jokingly says they have a
"Ton of Fiber" on hand, we just laugh, I think we
have at least five tons in the shed.
At any given time anymore we have several tons
of fiber on hand ready to be shipped out across
the country and around the world.

This gray bale was made up of colored natural
wools, much from the four state area of Nebraska,
Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.  It had been
washed and carded and then compressed into a
huge bale.  The correct term for this gray fiber
was "Laps" as it was a very wide, thin "roving".
As we cut the bands the fibers began to expand
again as wool will do.  I could only hope it will still
be in the garage come morning.
The bale slid out of the truck with the
might of two men, and they pushed it
into place in the garage.  
The first thing to do is get these steel
bands cut off.
The bands are loose and the fiber is
starting to come out of the burlap and
Oh! Oh!
Might be we should have opened it
with the bale turned the other way!
Holy Cow!..........or should it be
Holy Sheep!!   This stuff just
keeps on expanding.
And expanding across the floor
We are finally able to pull a
length wise piece about a foot
thick and put it atop the huge
carded fiber.  Knotting the
plastic bag to contain it
somewhat.  This stuff was
ready to sell.
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This fiber was in roving form, just compressed.  Clean and
carded into rovings. Some in loose carded handfuls.  Some  is
100% wool, some wool blends. ..mohair, silk, etc.  
There was right close to 600 lb. of white rovings and fibers in this
bale.  Carl cut the wires and it began expanding across the floor
once again. A whole lot of good spinning and dyeing in these fibers.
Carol props up
the second big
white bale.  
Harlan Brown
thought we
finally had the
warehouse free
of the stored
But I was sure
there was one
with colors... and
two years later
Harlan Brown
found them.
Now here it was 2008, and Harlan called again.......he had found two more bales
of rovings.  When we got to the warehouse we found two bales of black, gray,
brown and white.  I still insisted there was at least one bale of colors, reds, blues,
etc.  Harlan insisted there was no more.  We went over to the mill and loaded the
mill ends and the yarns and as we were leaving, here came Harlan and he
laughed and told me I was a far corner he found two more bales.  We
will bring them home as we find storage space for them.
The bale is out
of the truck.

Having been
smacked in the
face with a cut
wire, Carl
ducks as he
cuts the next
The wires are cut, and the fiber starts
expanding.  This time we hope it
expands up instead of out, or the
pickup will be out of the garage for the
fun while they lasted...
About 2006 or shortly thereafter we took on the job
of selling out the Mill End Waste for the mill.  This
is how some of it came to our home..